Jessica (bluepixie_wings) wrote in metallicababy,

Milwaukee Show

had an amazing time at the show on Friday. Met up with people from the club before the show. We heard that Sully from Godsmack was over at the Lazer booth, so we headed over there. We missed most of that, but managed to take pictures of him outside the booth, and I got one with him as well!! Once inside the show it was complete chaos trying to get the stupid wristband & stamp, but it manged to all work out. Ended up right by the rail, with hardly anyone behind us. Mananged to get a pic and a setlist from the Godsmack set. During the Metallica, set when Lars was on our side, he was walking over to us with a glass of something and dropped it. Everyone started making fun of him for it, so he picked up the glass, took a drink and started spiting it at me . He did that twice before he threw the glass and the rest of the contents at me. My shirt was soaked, so he then threw a towel at me. . Also got a Lars pic, which was very cool. Now I just have to find a way to display it all. Myles, Lars son was also there. Boy was he a cutie! I just can't wait until next Friday to do it all again!
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